Horror Geek Podcast Ep. 4- Stephen King Films

In Episode 4 of The Horror Geek Podcast, we talk about Stephen King TV and film adaptations- the good and the bad. We also share news about Friday the 13th: The Game, two awesome new indie games, Disney’s plan for a streaming service, and the man who loved the Emoji movie a bit too much. 

*Note from Melissa: It should be 1408, not 1428. Whoops!*

HorrorGeekLife articles we talked about:
Director of IT (2017) wants to Remake Pet Sematary
Disney is Breaking Up with Netflix
Friday the 13th: The Game Ends Team Killing
Platformer Slime-San gets 4/5 for Nintendo Switch

HGL Loves Indie:
Super Rad Raygun (PC game)

Our recommendations of the week:
Comet TV
Fallout 4

Horror Geek Podcast Ep. 3- Vampire Films

In Episode 3 of The Horror Geek Podcast, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Fright Night and 30th anniversary of The Lost Boys by talking about our favorite vampire films! We also share news about Friday the 13th: The Game, the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas sequel, and why “Sex Pigs Halt Traffic After Laser Attack on Pokémon Teens” is the best news headline ever.  

Horror Geek Podcast Ep. 2- Comic-Con 2017

In Episode 2 of The Horror Geek Podcast, we talk about HorrorGeekLife’s review of Dead by Daylight on PlayStation 4. We also discuss a few of our favorite Comic-Con moments, the indie comic Black Suit of Death, why eel sex is simply a bad idea, and more!

Horror Geek Podcast Ep. 1- Summer Horror Films

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Horror Geek Podcast!  In our very first show, we acknowledge the passing of two film legends, discuss our favorite summer horror films, talk Rooster Teeth Games’ Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, and more!