Episode 18 – Insane Fan Theories

In Episode 18, we explore some insane movie, TV, and comic fan theories! Warning: these may ruin your childhood. We also take a look back at Child’s Play, which recently turned 30.


Episode 17 – Friday the 13th Video Game History

Episode 17 - Friday the 13th Video Game

In Episode 17, we take a look at the Friday the 13th video game history- from the mid-80s until 2018!  We also take a look back at The Nightmare Before Christmas, which recently turned 25.

Ki Ki Ki, Ma M Ma!

Episode 16 – Michael Myers is Back, Baby (Halloween 2018)

Episode 16 is Halloween, Halloween, and more Halloween! We talk about Halloween 2018- what worked, what didn’t, and the best Easter eggs we found. We also take a look back at Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, which recently turned 30. So much Halloween goodness!

Episode 15 – Controversial Horror Films

In episode 15, we take a look at eight of THE most controversial horror films ever released. We also  discuss the planned Gremlins reboot, M.A.S.K. live-action film, and Night Trap releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

Episode 14 – Friday the 13th Part III Turns 35

In episode 14, we talk about Friday the 13th Part III! Fun tidbits about the film, the brutal kills, cheesy 3D effects, final girl Chris, and one of the best endings in the franchise…we discuss it all!

Episode 13 – 2017 in Gaming

Episode 13 is all about video games from 2017! We’re joined  by Friday the 13th: The Game‘s  Executive Producer/Director, Randy Greenback, and Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars creator Phillip Johnson!

Episode 12 – IT Movie (2017)

Episode 12 is all about 2017’s IT! We discuss casting, differences between the film and book, and what we want to see in Chapter 2. We also say goodbye to the Chiller Network and celebrate Pong turning 45.

Episode 11 – Pets in Horror

Episode 11 is all about pets in horror that we would love…and hate…to own! We also talk about Halloween 2018, Star Wars news, and an upcoming Harry Potter mobile game.

Episode 10 – Squad Goals

Episode 10 is all about the best kid squad films in cinema! Walkie-talkies, bikes, clueless parents…these films have it all. We also talk about our exclusive interview with Jason Goes to Hell director Adam Marcus who says that Jason is a Deadite, and the film is canon.

Episode 9 – It’s Halloween, Baby

In Episode 9, we talk about Halloween-themed films we love, just in time for the holiday. We also celebrate the legendary Bigfoot turning 50 and rave about Creep 2.